Poyraz Karayel

Kanal D
Wednesday 20:00

In this story love and hate, friendship and hostelity, goodness and badness exist extremely..
Poyraz has lost everything he cares, his family, his occupation, his wife and son in past. He survived by making fun of live. While thinking on taking back his son from his father-in-law, his former boss makes a proposal. Mümtaz offers Poyraz to get close to a godfather called Bahri Umman and provide information for him. Desperate Poyraz is obliged to take the job. Meanwhile he meets a girl named Ayşegül. Poyraz, reluctantly makes Ayşegül to be involved in every trouble he creates. These two are attracted by each other from the very begining. However love seems to be impossible for these two hurt and lonely people because Ayşegül is Bahri Umman’s daughter and Poyraz has to keep his secrets.

Source : https://www.kanald.com.tr/poyraz-karayel

Leading Roles

Ayşegül : Burçin Terzioğlu

March 9 1980
1.6 m
Istanbul, Turkey

Poyraz : İlker Kaleli

May 11 1984
1.77 m
Istanbul, Turkey