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Paramparça means shattered. The story is about a shattered love.
Both coming together and breaking up are impossible.

Six people’s lives intersect after two accidents. Their lives will be fastened and they will be tied forever.

Gülseren is a poor young woman having a daughter at the age of 14, they live with Gülseren’s sister-in-law. Gülseren’s life changes suddenly while she is trying to deal with her ambitious daughter who cannot confine herself to the living conditions her mother provides. While Gülseren tries to get divorced from her husband who has left them years ago, she meets with Cihan. Cihan is married and has two children. He is a good father, successful businessman but an unhappy man. Gülseren’s and Cihan’s lives are connected to eachother with two accidents happened with 15 years interval.
The question has no answer and the solution is impossible.

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Leading Roles

Dilara : Ebru Özkan

November 18 1978
1.73 m
Ankara, Turkey

Cihan : Erkan Petekkaya

December 11 1970
1.89 m
Elazığ, Turkey

Hazal : Alina Boz

June 14 1998
1.73 m
Moscow, Russia

Cansu : Leyla Tanlar

December 13 1997
1.60 m
Istanbul, Turkey