Hayat Şarkısı

Kanal D
Tuesday 20:00

Bayram and his blood brother Salih have born in Işıklar village close to Mudanya. They engage their children Melek and Kerem in order to settle a disagreement amicably. Later they continue their lives in separate cities until their children are old enough to marry.

Bayram having two children, settles down in İstanbul and makes a fortune, he does not forget his promise. After graduating from university, he brings his young son Kerim to Işıklar Village where Salih lives with his two daughters, Hülya and Melek. Salih also keeps his promise and they finalize the wedding arrangement. On the other hand their children have different life styles and intentions. Young couple thinks on their forced marriage and they find a solution to feel better. However Hülya makes other plans that they are not aware.

Leading Roles

Hülya : Burcu Biricik

4 May 1989
1.7 m
Antalya, Turkey

Kerim : Birkan Sokullu

6 October 1985
1.87 m
İstanbul, Turkey