10 Elegant Office Combines of Defne


We have gathered the most elegant office dressings of Defne in order to celebrate the success of Kiralık Aşk pursuing to be the one of the most watched TV series although leaving behind the 60 episodes. Enjoy the wonderful combines of Defne, with her reddish hair and naive manner, loved by everyone. Do not forget to inspire for your own wardrobe.

1) Episode 9, Green Top and Mini Skirt

The most important common point observed on combines of Defne is their being in a harmony with the color of her hair. As seen on this combine also, green color of the top and skirt is deliberately selected so as to create a contrast with the reddish colored hair. You can also prefer to use red and green colors together to increase color contrast in your combines.

2) Episode 34, Beige Blouse with White colored Lines and White Pants

Three colors are highlighted in this combine ; white, beige and ginger. Although it is a modest combine white lines on the top brings dynamism. If we imagine Defne as a paint of an artist, bumping into the same color at both the hair and shoes, the combine seems more complete. Continuity of the same color throughout your combine increases the visuality of it.

Brand of the blouse is Network.

Brand of the shoes is Casavie

3) Episode 38, Navy Blazer and White Shirt with Black Lines on

Network is indispensable for working women. We frequently come accross with Network at the combines of Defne. Here in this example Defne preserves her elegant posturing with Network blazer and shirt. The most important part of this combine is the blue blazer since it creates a contrast with the color of Defne’s hair seeming like orange coloured. If you are now interested in contrasted colors, other contrasted color pair is purple and yellow, you can try it!

Brand of the shirt is Network.

Brand of the blazer is Network.

4) Episode 54, White Blouse and Ginger Colored Suede Skirt

Here is another example of combine stands in harmony with the hair color. Who the ginger color suits more?

Brand of the blouse and skirt are H&M.

5) Episode 19, White Blouse and Black Pants

Brand of the blouse is Dilvin, pants are Oxxo branded.

6) Episode 18, Mavi Sade Gömlek

Here is contrasted colors are at work. Although skirt itself is very modest, we canot claim that it is not elegant. Maybe the reason is office decor behind 😉

Brand of the shirt is Network.

7) Episode 27, White Shirt

This white shirt combined with golden accessories fascihanetes us. We did not need to check the botton part of the combine. This shirt itself is enough to declare Defne as an elegant working woman.

Brand of the shirt is Bebe.

8) Episode 3, Yellow Long Vest

Yellow vest, reddish hair and orange bag.. What do you think that it looks like? We think Defne seems like a fire ball! Did you realize the flames?

9) Episode 43, Black Silk Dress

This combine proves that Defne is the most stylish chick in the office. It is nearly more than enough assertive. Black shoes with the same fastening detail fits very well together.

Brand of the black shoes is Zara.

10) Episode 53, Grey Pants and White Shirt

We all know that Defne is a relax girl so high hills and mini skirts are actually do not seem like Defne material. That is why seeing Defne in sports style exposes the girl we first met at the begining before Neriman captured her 🙂 Can having a sports style be excuse for not being elegant? Of course not. !0 points goes to sports combine of Defne..

Designer of the pants is Yasemin Özeri.

Brand of the Shirt is Mavi.