Interview with Burçin Terzioğlu on Mercedes

Burçin Terzioğlu Mercedes Röportajı

Source : Mercedes Blog

We would like to hear your acting career progress from you?
For me acting is a long journey which started from my childhood and still continues. I started to visit sets at my early ages since my parents also work at this sector. Sets were like playground for me. That days I started to take small parts at projects. That journey started that days brought me these days. When you approach acting in this way, I think the acting abilities are also getting mature, in time. Each character I played matured me some more. I learnt a lot from my actor friends with every new project. I never wanted to rush in this way. Contrariwise crawling, walking and enjoying each step I take made me who I am now.

Audience observes you with different characters and roles. However your funs grow with each project. What is the reason for you?
I try to create a new “me” different from previous ones, for each role. I try to be as natural as possible. I suppose they feel this and do not leave me alone during my acting journey.

The series, Poyraz Karayel, became successful as soon as it is broadcasted last year. What is the secret?
Poyraz Karayel is a project that blends both drama and comedy successfully. Generally other projects contain only comedy or only drama. Audience either cry or laugh. In our story, even in mafia life there are moments that make you smile. It is like real life. Like you can find some moments which make you smile while your are suffering.. We have a very powerful writer team behind the story. Ethem Özışık is a very successful writer. Every time I read the new episode, I respect his pencil again.

Is there any special method you developed while getting prepared for your role?
While starting to a new project, I imagine a background for the character I will perform, after I listen it from the writer. What kind of a childhood did this character have? What does she eat and drink? What kind of friends does she has? What are the things she like and hate? I analyse the character at the beginning because we have very limited time while shooting episodes, I can only read the script and memorise it.

Which roles are the easiest and most difficult to perform for you?
Roles including contradiction and tide enjoys me most. I cannot label as “easy” or “difficult”.

Series, cinema and television are paced areas to work, how can you turn work to joy?
I try to make fun things at where I am. I listen music so much. While concentrating and getting ready for my role, music helps me. I try to leave the city at my off days. These escapes let me breath. But I regard set as my playground. I try to have good time with my friends. I play with my friends both in front of the camera and behind the camera. As far as I like my job and feel tranquil; fatigue, sleeplessness and stress do not affect me.

What are the difficult parts of your job?
Delivering the 120-minutes record each week no matter what the conditions are, really requires devoted workforce. These difficult conditions are valid for the whole team. There were the times that I went to set after having serum. That is why acting is a love and I love acting.

Are there any similarities between Ayşegül character of Poyraz Karayel and Burçin Terzioğlu? Do you discover any parallelism between Ayşegül’s choices, her point of view and yours?
Ayşegül is a character that I created and embodied, eventually. Therefore she contains some characteristics of me, of course. Tough their lives are different, their walking, gestures, mimics are similar.

Can you share your experience of using B-series at your daily life?
It relieves me having all conform and configuration I need, while driving back to home after working at sets in a city like Istanbul where there is a traffic jam all the time.

What are the eye catcher features of B-series? Can you briefly describe your relationship with your car?
I am not a sophisticated car driver, but I have both conform and function at the same time, while I am rushing from set to set. It is also very important to feel safe inside the car. For example B-series can brake by itself in local traffic with the help of Collision Preventing Assist.

You have a calm and quiet attitude. What kind of a person are you at your daily life?
A little bit calm, a little bit crazy.. I am an extremely energetic person. Actually I am happy and tranquil. Tranquility at home and work is very important. I try to smile as much as possible since I think smiling against all odds is good for people. I am not different at my personal life than the person I look like outside. I am neither spoiled nor depressed. I like to live my life and try to balance my feelings. I let the remaining things slide.

Can you spare time for yourself? What are your hobbies?
I like to see new places and taste new things at the times I create opportunity for free time out of busy set times. Going abroad is my great pleasure, if I can find several days long vacancy. In recent years I started to make kitesurfing. It feels like therapy.