10 Proofs that with her Style Defne is a Real Princess


We gathered all the closets making Defne seem like a princess for you.

1) Episode 3, Blue Straples Dress

Being the contrast colors, blue and green are the most fitting colors with the reddish-range hair color of Defne. We frequently come across with blue and green colors in combines of Defne. Defne is again very elegant with her blue dress in this scene.

Blue straples dress is a product of Lyynn Boutique.

2) Episode 8, Long Green Skirt and Flowered Short Top

3) Episode 3, Light-Blue Short Dress

Dress is a design of Sevil Erkan.

4) Episode 10, Green Silk Coveralls

Here is another combine that Defne uses green as a main component of her combine.

Dress is a product of MyBestFriends Boutique.

5) Episode 10, Patterned Coveralls

Brand of the dress is Trendyol.

6) Episode 11, Grey Frilly Skirt-ed Dress

Dress is a product of La Poudre Boutique.

7) Episode 20, Green Dress

Brand of the dress is Network.

8) Episode 34, Black Coveralls

9) Episode 7, Reddish Flowered Dress

Brand of the dress is Mango.

10) Episode 58 Dress having buttons in front

With all her dignity Defne is on screen..