The Philosophy Behind Zümrüt’s Jewelry


It is impossible for those who has seen Kanal D’s latest show, Evlat Kokusu, to not notice how stylish Zümrüt character is. Worrying over Ela’s health, trying to keep her marriage with Aslan and now striving to protect Çınar from Zeynep, we are all agree that Zümrüt is in all sorts of trouble. Yet how on earth she manages to always look so gorgeous?
The key behind her stunning look is: Jewelry. Zümrüt choses her jewelry carefully. She prefers unique and meaningful jewelry pieces to accentuate her simple-chic looks. From daggers to feathers, let’s see her unique jewelry choices and the story behind why she chose them:




Feathers are symbol of magical communication with the spiritual world. Feathers offer light heart and perfect balance. In need of harmony, Zümrüt chose Feather ring and necklace from BeeGoddess Feather collection to complement her outfit. BeeGoddess Feather ring costs 9.800 Turkish Lira

Garden of the Goddess



The garden is a symbol of feminine beauty and fertility. ‘The Garden of Paradise’ is the womb from which each child ‘falls’ at birth from a blissful environment into this world. Roses tended by angels in the garden of paradise symbolize love and union. Tending her children with love, Zümrüt looks radiant with BeeGoddess Rosa Mundi necklace from Garden of the Goddess’ collection. BeeGoddess Rosa Mundi necklace costs 27.800 Turkish Lira

Sword of Light




The sword is a symbol of the highest Spiritual Intuition, power, intellect, wisdom and justice. Trying her best to protect her children, Zümrüt wore BeeGoddess Dagger necklace from Sword of Light collection. The Dagger necklace was inspired by magical daggers of the sultan as the symbols of strength to cut through all obstacles in life. BeeGoddess Dagger necklace costs 8.400 Turkish Lira.

Eros Arrow


The Arrow of Eros is the divine light of love and a universal symbol of flight, direction and power. When she is in doubt, Zümrüt chose BeeGoddess Eros Arrow ring bracelet to encourage her to access the full power of heart. Eros Arrow ring bracelet can also be worn as necklace. BeeGoddess Eros Arrow costs 6.600 Turkish Lira.

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